About us
The Cardiff Arches are the only rehearsal studios in central Cardiff, less than 5 minutes walk from Central Station and St Mary’s Street. Our spacious and comfortable studios are housed in 3 separate railway arches, which helps to maintain a good sense of privacy and minimises noise spill between studios. All studios are large and airy, with ceiling heights of 5m and floor areas of between 20 and 30 square metres.

Every studio is equipped with a great quality PA and mics, drum kit, cabs and amp heads.

The Cardiff Arches are owned and run by Cardiff based musicians, all of whom gig regularly around the country. We are always on hand to help set up equipment for sessions, and to help out with any extra cables etc that you might need.

Business Hours
We’re open 7 days a week, from 9am until 11pm.

Student and daytime rates
We offer great hourly rates, including a new discounted weekend rate. Please see our prices page for details.

Deals on regular sessions
At the Cardiff Arches, as well as a traditional hourly rate, we also offer discounted rates for bands who want to rehearse with us on a weekly basis. Regular bands are given specially programmed key cards to access their room for each session, which allows us to keep administrative costs to a minimum and pass those savings onto our bands. Please send us an email or give us a call to find out more about the regular session deals.

We’re very proud of the high standard of equipment that we provide in each of our studios. Our PAs all have powered speakers (primarily ElectroVoice) and each PA has 12 channel mixer (Soundcraft or Mackie) with digital effects. All of of microphones are made by Shure. Most of our guitar cabs and amp heads are made by Marshall, and we also have a few Fenders and Laneys. Most of our bass gear is made by Ashdown. All of our drum kits are Pearl Exports. Every studio also has a comfortable sofa and a handful of stools, as well as free tea and coffee making facilities!

Other hire purposes
As well as band rehearsals our arches are also regularly used for individual rehearsals, teaching, filming, drama, choirs, casting auditions and many other activities.