Q. How does the regular session system work?

A. Bands that take a regular session pay a flat fee at the beginning of every month which gives them exclusive access to their room every week for their time slot. Most bands end up paying under £5/hour. If a band needs more than one regular session per week additional sessions are can be taken at a 25% discount.

Q. Can I just book a one-off session?

A. Yes. Although most of our bands use regular slots we also take bookings for one-off sessions when we have rooms available. See our prices page for details.

Q. What if I have a regular weekly slot but need an extra session every so often?

A. Regular bands are able to book extra sessions at a discounted rate, subject to availability.

Q. Am I tied into a long term contract if I take a weekly session?

A. No, you are not tied into anything for any set length of time. We ask for 4 weeks notice if you’re going to stop rehearsing with us, so we have time to let other bands know that a session is available, but you’re absolutely not tied into a long-term contract.

Q. Do you have special packages for drummers or other individual musicians?

A. Yes, we give individual musicians a 20% discount on both practises and storage. The Cardiff Arches is an ideal base for drummers or other musicians who need somewhere that they can safely store their equipment and also make as much noise as they want when practising!

Q. Do you have cabs and drums that in the rooms that can be used for free?

A. Yes. Although many bands take advantage of the fact that they can conveniently store their own equipment in the room for easy access when rehearsing, we also have communal cabs and drum kits which are always available.

Q. Do you have a decent PA and mics etc?

A. Yes. Each room has a powerful PA with plenty of channels. We use a mix of Shure SM58 and PG58 mics – all professional standard.

Q. What are your opening times?

A. Normal rehearsal slots run from 9am – midnight, but we are essentially open 24/7, and our regular bands can access their room whenever they need.

Q. Can we park at the studio?

A. Yes, there is plenty of parking close to the arches.

Q. Does this website use cookies?

A. Yes, like many other websites this site places cookies on your computer to help us to monitor traffic and make improvements. Use of this website confirms acceptance of these cookies.