Hourly Rehearsal Rates

Time                                              Price

Evenings and weekends               £11/hour*

Weekday daytimes  (9-6)             £8/hour – with free use of all gear

*Special Weekend Price – just £8/hr for sessions of 3hrs or more, any time on Saturdays and Sundays

Whole and Half Day Deals

6 hours on a weekend: £44 including all gear

10 hours on a weekend: £64 including all gear

9-5 on a weekday: £44 including all gear

Equipment Included                                                    

PA/ Mics                       free

Amp heads/ Combos      free

Cabs                              free

Drum kit shells/ stands   free

Kick pedal/ snare            free

Cymbals set                   £3 per session (free on weekday daytimes)

Please note that any rehearsals cancelled with less than 48 hour notice must be paid for in full.

Weekly Rehearsal Rates

We specialise in excellent value deals for bands that use the same session on a weekly basis. Our prices vary according to the time of day of the session, but the majority of slots work out at less than £5 per hour when booked as a regular weekly rehearsal. Regular bands are given their own keycard and are also able to store their equipment in a secure walk-in cupboard in their room.

We offer a 20% discount for instrumental teachers on weekly off peak slots (weekday daytimes).

To find out about the availability of various time slots and the specific price for the session that you’re interested in please send us an email at or call 07823 775765.